This is my personal site, including my official blog, operating under the general rubric of PolyWogg Productions. If you know anyone named Paul, chances are that at sometime in their life, somebody nicknamed them polliwog. In my case, it was my sisters. So, when I was looking for an online name to use, I chose: Shiva. The destroyer. A nice masculine-sounding, over-the-top, harsh persona. Not really me. Eventually, I fell back to something a little closer to my real persona, polywog. And that spelling had already been taken. So I added a G. PolyWogg was born. AKA the tadpole. Sometimes the “typing tadpole”.

And, as my web life progressed, I switched over to a WordPress-powered blog — PolyWogg’s Blog. Now known as ThePolyBlog. I have two main sites (this one and and this one covers astronomy, computers, humour, goals, personal experiences, spiritualism, recipes, my family, ideas, learning, photography, and quotes. 

Of course, the views expressed are my own and nobody else’s. My view from life around the lily pad. I hope you enjoy your visit and find something of interest.

So, without further ado,


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